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Welcome. My name is Israel Anderson. Until Dec 2016, my life was being destroyed by crippling anxiety and depression. And then something very interesting happened to me that changed my life. Today I am absent of anxiety and depression. I developed the Presence Session to equip others to walk in the same freedom I have discovered. 

What is a Presence Session?

It’s a sharing of discoveries I have made about the mind that saved my life from crippling anxiety and depression. I will train you in a technique I have developed that frees you from the incessant noise inside your head.

You will learn how to use the mind as a tool, rather than it using you.
You will learn to calm the mind instantly, on demand.
You will learn how to recognize your own destructive thought patterns.
You will gain a deep sense of ‘presence’ which will last some time, and I will teach you how to live in that state.
You will experience deep peace, stillness, tranquility.

Why do a Presence Session? People have discovered a new life, a new world. It empowers you to stop the destructive thought processes that occupy your headspace and control your life. Anxiety, ADHD, depression, self doubt, all begin to fade away. You discover your true self, and you lose all fear of letting the world see who you really are. It’s the most blissful experience, and I teach you how to live in this state, permanently.

Sessions are one-on-one over the phone, or in person.

As phone calls can often be a challenge for those with anxiety, please feel free to call or text me. I can be reached at 720-346-4471.

Presence Sessions last 60-80 min over the phone and 2-3 hours in person as we cover more ground.

Pricing is as follows, and is unconditionally guaranteed. You can request an immediate refund at any time in the 12 months following your session. I extend this unusual guarantee to help you have confidence in booking a session, and also because most people actually become strong advocates of my Presence Session and share with their families and friends. I am an honorable person and have no interest in taking advantage of you. I just want you to walk in the same freedom I now do. 

Phone Sessions: $149
In-person Sessions: $449 plus travel expenses. In-person sessions are significantly more involved, and much longer in duration. If you have already completed a phone session, the value will be applied to an in-person session.

If I am already in your area, there will be no travel expenses. 

Call or text right now. You have nothing to lose, except your crippling anxiety and depression. 720-346-4471.

Here’s to your new life. 

Israel Anderson.